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This looks so delicious, I'm going to try this! :)


How about making Warm Spinach Mascarpone dip with the leftovers?


hope chest

I haven't tried mascarpone with honey. I just make the plain mascarpone dip for my dishes. Thanks for sharing! This is new!


*drool* ... I don't like marscapone either, but after reading this post, I will give it a try!

jeffrey bonasia

mascarpone with honey....hmmm.. I loved it... I also spreaded some Patan ghee on it and the taste was woowwwww....

xbox 360 casque

Looks like trying once! I recently got pineapple flavoured honey. I am eager to try this. Thanks for posting.


That mascarpone looks delicious :9. Very simple to boot ^^. I wouldn't want to pay for such expensive shoes that are supposed to be for heavy outdoor use either lol. Just need to wear my skate shoes to get me through anywhere.

S Lloyd

I will try it.
Thanks for the post


Going to try this out at a football party tomorrow ^0^ Thanks!! Love your blog!

Ms B.

Come back! We miss you!


I completely agree with you on the designer clothes! I don't see the point in paying £100 for a t-shirt that is thinner than the £15 ones from somewhere else, just because it's got a label. :)

Also, that dip looks lovely. I adore marscapone, and could quite happily eat it with a spoon out of the container!

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